Head Female Counsellor

Hey you! Yes, you! It’s me, Zippy!, swinging by to say a big “Hello!” and “Welcome to Camp!” (even though I know camp hasn’t actually really started yet). In reality, my name is Elise deBlieck, but, in my opinion, that is far less fun than the alternative: Zippy! I love being called Zippy! because it means bright or spirited, and conveys a sense of fun, enthusiasm, and zest for life. While waking up early each day at camp could be a drag for some, with a name like Zippy!, how could one not wake up in a zippy mood, excited for the adventure ahead?

During my summer at camp, my role on staff will be Female Head Counsellor. Part of my job is training, recruiting, and supporting counsellors as they faithfully shepherd their campers. Walking alongside counsellors and campers while learning and growing at camp is one of my greatest joys.

Speaking of joy, Campfire is a place where we are able to come together, share stories, laughs and tears, and remind each other of God’s goodness and faithfulness to us. On a more personal level, I get to reunite with old friends, make wonderful new friends, and strive to demonstrate the compassionate friendship of Jesus to all who set foot on the property. Having a front-row seat watching campers, counsellors, and other volunteers form these friendships too reminds me of God’s clear presence at camp and in our lives. What a gift it is to see God build friendships based on the truths of His Word!

When not at camp, I am a Grade 6 teacher at Hope Reformed Christian School. There, I am privileged to continue shepherding and teaching covenant children in the ways of Jesus! Outside of the classroom, I spend my time singing and playing a variety of instruments, catching up with friends, cheering on the Leafs (objectively the best team), and checking out the newest trails and hiking spots. Spending time in God’s awe-inspiring creation is one of my all-time favourite things to do; I cannot wait to do just that with you at camp this summer!

Until then, bye for now, friends! 🦩

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