Hello everyone! I am Ben Kampen, and I am excited to be taking up the role of Director at Campf!re this summer! At camp, I go by Scuttle, named after that funny little seagull from The Little Mermaid (1989). I also chose this name because a scuttle can also be a container that is used to carry coal to a fire. This is, metaphorically, something that I hope to do in a small way this summer (and always) by helping to bring hearts and minds closer to Jesus, setting them ablaze for Christ.

When not at Camp, I live partly in Richmond Hill, and partly in Hamilton. Having completed my B.A. in History last year, I am currently wrapping up my first year in the two-year program at Covenant Canadian Reformed Teacher’s College.

Something that I love most about camp is the hundreds of positive interactions that happen every single day. I love the simple, goofy interactions and conversations, the yelled greetings to campers from across camp property, and the more serious, deep conversations that can happen in such a natural way at camp. I believe that these interactions, as simple as they might sometimes be, can be hugely important to a positive experience for both campers and volunteers, and ultimately help to create an avenue for the all-encompassing love of Christ to be shown.

I’m so excited to have these interactions with all of you once again this summer, both with old friends and with new ones! Campf!re 2024 is going to be an incredible summer filled with excitement, laughter, and God’s wonderful blessings – I hope to see you there!!

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