Head Male Counsellor

My name is Gavin Helder and at camp I will be known as Pax. Pax means peace in Latin! I think that Campfire is a very peaceful place where you can feel God’s love!

My role at Campfire this summer is Male Head Counsellor. That means I will be taking care of all the wonderful counsellors coming this summer and assisting them in any way I can!

When not at camp I live in Hamilton, where I just moved to in March from Ottawa. This fall I will be going to Mohawk to finish off my diploma in the Social Work Program. During my spare time I love to socialize with people, watch sports and go on hikes.

My favorite parts about Campfire are watching everyone grow in their relationships with God and others. I love how everything is God centered and focused on God. I also love the loud and amazing bus ride to Wasaga! Hope to see many of you at Campfire this summer, spreading and sharing the love of Jesus with others! See you all soon!

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