Program Director

Hey hey friends! My name is Kat Tomlin although you may know me by my camp name, Kipper! I’m so stoked to be returning to camp this summer as one of two (head) program directors! This means that I’ll be running games and activities as well as making sure camp stays on schedule. I can also be found at camp playing sports (specifically volleyball), making tons of friendship bracelets, and ensuring everyone is wearing enough sunscreen and drinking plenty of water.

Camp is one of my favorite places on earth. There is so much peace and joy at camp, not to mention that camp is so much fun. Camp is a place where I feel completely and totally surrounded by God’s goodness through prayer, scripture, singing, chapel, exciting games, laughter and even sorrow. I’m so excited to see how God uses the staff, volunteers and campers in various ways this summer. My hope for this summer is that everyone who comes to camp, in whatever capacity, is able to see God’s hand, feel His presence, unending love and peace.

Currently, I am working at a greenhouse and I will be returning to University in September to study English and Creative Writing. From there I hope to follow in my parent’s footsteps and go to teacher’s college to become a teacher.

While I’m not working I really enjoy reading and writing! I spend a lot of time on my creative writing and I have written two first draft novels (hopefully to be published someday.) I also love to write short stories, poems and I spend a lot of time journalling. Some other things I enjoy include (but are not limited to) indie music, cherry flavored soda, going for hikes, baseball, the beach, and art.

I’m so excited to meet everyone who is coming to camp this summer! It’s going to be a blast, see you all soon!

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