Aquatic Director

Hey, hey! My name is Deanna Herbert, but at camp, you can call me JAZZ! I share my camp name with a style of music characterized by improvisation, off-beat rhythms, and creative freedom - characteristics that also perfectly describe life up at camp!

Camp is a break from the normal “rules” of life, a place where screaming and yelling and jumping and dancing and hooting and hollering and singing and praising make up the rhythms of every day. At camp, praise comes so incredibly easy, worship second-nature, prayer a natural part of the routine. It’s a place where the sky above and the earth below proclaim the goodness of God, His answered prayers, His beauty and steadfastness.

This year I will be coming back to camp as the Aquatic Director, and I couldn’t be more excited! My role on staff will be to keep everyone safe during all water-related activities: from the pond to the pool to the puddles!

While I’m not at camp, you can find me neck-deep in as many different projects and hobbies as I can get my hands on. Professionally, I make costumes for theatre, but lately I’ve also been spending my free time writing songs and stories, figuring out how to record music, and memorizing monologues to brush up on my acting.

Looking forward to meeting you all this summer!!

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