Assistant Director

Hello everyone! My name is Benjamin Alkema, though at camp I'm known as Amigo. I chose that name because it is the Spanish word for friend, and that's exactly what I hope to be to everyone I meet at camp while sharing the gospel with them!

This summer I have the opportunity to return to camp as the Assistant Director for the month of August! During the rest of the year I work in my family's greenhouse business in the small town of Beamsville. During my spare time I enjoy playing numerous sports, games and spending time with family and friends.

My favourite thing about Campfire is the Christ-centered atmosphere. There is a real sense of being part of God's community, along with a shared passion and joy that comes from a united goal to praise God by helping others grow in their relationship with their Saviour in each and every activity.  It is truly amazing to witness how God works in all the lives of those who take part - campers, counsellors, cooks, and staff alike!

Can’t wait to see you there!

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